Boxing Day Hunt

The day after Christmas is a big holiday here in the Bahamas so we decided to go out and do something to save the planet, like, KILL LIONFISH! So I got a crew together consisting of 2 spotters and 2 hunters. We went out in front of Gregory Town, a spot called Long Bite. Spotted around 11 lionfish ranging from 8" to 14 1/2" in an area about 75 yards long along the cliffs. Got my own personal record lionfish! We killed 6, injured 2, and the others got lucky cause we were such bad shooters. Anyway, thanks "Wild Bill", Robert, and Craig for helping on this hunt. Special thanks to Madison for taking video of this hunt which I will feature on youtube


Triggerfish a Natural Predator?

I interviewed a lobster fisherman from Spanish Wells named Mark who had extensive knowledge of the lionfish, from the day he saw his first one, to the lionfish population reaching it's plateau. I will soon post an interview with him on youtube. One very interesting fact that he gave was that there was an area in the ocean where he did not see any lionfish. This area was heavily populated by triggerfish. I also read in aquarium sites that trigger fish cannot occupy the same space as lionfish in an aquarium, they break off their spines. Also when I dive and I see ocean talleys (member of the triggerfish family) in an area I also notice that there are no lionfish. Could it be that triggerfish are going to save our oceans from the lionfish? If so there should be halt on killing triggerfish.

Gaulding Cay and Glass Window Bridge

Louis takes us out on his adopted reefs to clear them of lionfish. view:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6PegwkMXQc