Columbus Ohio man challenges the Mojo

Tom, from ohio, bags his record lionfish. He proudly brought the fish over to my house to challenge my biggest lionfish yet. Unfortunately for him he did not succeed. He attempted to stretch the mouth of the fish past my record fish's 14.5" length. At best he tied my record and I do commend him for his effort to help eradicate the little rascals. So, Tom, keep up the good work and we will see you next year when I will have a 17 incher under my belt. Tom got 8 lionfish on his vacation.


Berry Island lionfish record

Looks like we have another giant lionfish record. This picture was sent by Lauren from Great Harbor Cay Marina. She enjoyed a great lionfish dinner that night and suggests this recipe: Cover fish in mayo and then dredge in parmesan cheese. Bake for 8 minutes or wrap in foil and grill. By the way Lauren, do you know how long this fish was? Please leave a note in the comments. Thanks 



Big Bob from Current bagged this monster lionfish in front of Oleander Gardens in Eleuthera. Looks to be around 17". WOW!