Whale Point and Rainbow Bay

This week the Mojo Kingdom lionfish hunting crew got 9 lionfish from Eleuthera side  of Whale Point. The stomach contents of the largest one revealed 4 small elongated fish measuring from 1" to 2". Two days later we went to Rainbow bay and got 2 large ones measuring 12" to 13 1/4". We thought we had a record fish because he was so fat! Here is a picture of the fish after we cleaned him. We also caught a grouper and decided to have a side by side taste comparison. Both fish were less than 2 hours old and both fish were prepared in the same batter. All 4 people voted the lionfish better tasting! The lionfish had no fishy taste. I will post a video soon on a new method of cleaning and capturing the lionfish.    


Two new reports

A 13 3/4" Lionfish was caught at the Glass window bridge on the south side by "Mr. Dome". He had 2 small seahorses in his belly. Mr. Dome took him home to eat for the first time. He fried the fish in a pancake batter and said it was delicious! Also a couple of days ago I went out with my buddy Joey to get some lionfish for dinner at some rocks just south of Gregory town. We got 3 big ones measuring 12" to 13 1/2" (speared 3 or 4 small ones too). The contents of the belly were mainly juvenile reef fish. One of the fish had a 3 1/2" yellow tail snapper and a small schooling bait fish in the belly.  Our Bahamian friend Sherman came by came by to prepare the fish for dinner. Here is his recipe for what he called the "red grouper": cut the fish into 2" x 3" chunks, grind up some hot pepper with salt and rub on the fish,  marinate in sour orange for 30 minutes, then deep fry in hot oil over a fire. AMAZING! Joey claims to have eaten the best meal of his life! Maybe we should start calling lionfish red grouper so that people will not fear eating them.