Abaco Lionfish Hunt

Here is a recent email and pictures from a couple of lionfish hunters fro Abaco.

We got twenty of them on November 4th. They were very concentrated on some rocks in the Sea of Abaco in relatively shallow water (6-12) off of Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. We did not see many on the reefs in the Atlantic...we shot one in the Atlantic on Oct 27th.
On November 4th we were targeting the lionfish specifically....after seeing some of the videos on Youtube and looking at your site, we decided to spend a day hunting them. I put on a temporaryLionFish Tattoo I had found on the internet before we left for the bahamas.
I wonder if Sharks or Grouper or large Snapper will be able to develop into Lionfish predators over time to establish a balance?
Best of luck to you.