Whale Point and Rainbow Bay

This week the Mojo Kingdom lionfish hunting crew got 9 lionfish from Eleuthera side  of Whale Point. The stomach contents of the largest one revealed 4 small elongated fish measuring from 1" to 2". Two days later we went to Rainbow bay and got 2 large ones measuring 12" to 13 1/4". We thought we had a record fish because he was so fat! Here is a picture of the fish after we cleaned him. We also caught a grouper and decided to have a side by side taste comparison. Both fish were less than 2 hours old and both fish were prepared in the same batter. All 4 people voted the lionfish better tasting! The lionfish had no fishy taste. I will post a video soon on a new method of cleaning and capturing the lionfish.    

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Please hurry and post video!