Columbus Ohio Man LOSES Crown :(

That's right Tom! Your lionfish record has been SHATTERED! Check out these two beauties! One was 14 7/8" BUT THE OTHER ONE WAS 15", SHATTERING YOUR RECORD! I know this is a hard pill to swallow but I am The Lionfish Hunter and I refuse to be beaten by some landlocked back cracker (inside joke- Tom is a chiropractor). Keep trying people. I will remain on top as long as there are challengers. These lionfish were caught off the cays right behind Governors Harbor airport along with 15 others. I took them to the docks at James Cystern and educated a dozen or more locals on how clean and eat them. Then I gave away all but these two. Great dinner that night!  


ANdy said...

Sorry to disappoint, but as an undergrad I was part of the research team analyzing the genetic connectivity of the Lionfish. We had one specimen come in from the North Carolina waters that was 458mm (~18ins). It was the biggest that I have ever measured, and delicious too!

Anonymous said...

I have been to eastern Cuba and lo and behold, our beach was full of lionfish. They were hiding under a ledge of coral and one was in the open and getting closer and closer to me, so I swam to shore. I saw about 8 in all. So Bahamas is no longer the only place they exist.