Zach Timmons has a new lionfishhunter.com record lionfish

We have a new winner in our quest to find out who can get the largest lionfish on record for the lionfishhunter.com challenge. Zach Timmons has beat the previous record by 2 1/2". here is his account:
These fish seem to be everywhere now. Crazy that they have spread so fast. Never ate any because the snapper were biting so well. I will try them next year. This is a giant one for us. Most of the ones we shot were about half this size. Thanks for your interest. Let me know if there is a record keeping for fish for the Bahama chain. I fish down there every year somewhere. Love it. Capt. Frank Timmons
Keep killing those lionfish an submit your findings here. Hey Capt. Timmons, how deep was this one?

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