North Carolina Update

I am a Lionfish hunter as well here in North Carolina. Unfortunately we have to go about 25 miles out and 120’ – 140’ deep to get to them. I have great system so I can get 25 to 40 fish in two 15 minute dives (well as long as the Sharks stay away).

BTW My recipe: I like to put a large shrimp followed by a chunk of Lionfish on a skewer and dip it in a Beer Batter or Pancake Batter then roll it Coconut. Refrigerate for 30 min then deep fry. For the dipping sauce us 1 cup Orange or Mango marmalade with 1 tbl of a Caribbean Hot Sauce.

Josh Burns


Jimmy said...

Niiiiice, seems you had quite the luck again! Now, I am not insinuating you lack skill - you are skilled! But without Lady Luck.. :)

call Jamaica

Nick said...

Dude that is a lot of lion fish good for you. Nice triggers. I've only shot 2 lion fish because I haven't seen much here in the shallows of the upper keys

Jack@SeaDreamsTravel.com said...

Hey Josh - You should come down to Palm Beach County where the Lionfish are coming right up to shore. Last week they had a 'Lionfish Derby'. I wrote about it (HUNTING FOR 'LIONS' IN FLORIDA FOR A $1,000 PRIZE) on my blog:


Unknown said...

Josh can you contact me Gary Guthrie. I'de liek to know your system for here in Fl. It would be a great help


Anonymous said...

My name is Lee Tami and I live in Wilmington, North Carolina. I would like to join you and hunt lion fish. I have 10+ years diving and would like to join you. Please contact me at 703-862-4456 or ltami81@hotmail.com