Vacation Bob sends in his lionfish story:

Went to Majahual Mx for the Jatsa Ja Celebration Aug 11-15, as part of the Celebration they held a lion fish tournament. 127
Lionfish were collected in total, our group of 5 divers got 32 in 4 hours. The largest being 34cm in length. We dropped at 106' and within the 3rd minute we had spotted a group of 12 lions. at minute 9, we were on our way to 80' with 12 Lionfish in the bag! The average size was over 20 cm, with several near 30! We took the boat out maybe 200yards from shore, and dropped to 106' working our way toward shore into shallower depths. The large lion fish seem to be between 80 & 110' In this location of few divers, it seems as though there are more lionfish than bottom time to collect them. As you leave the depths, you can still see lionfish!! We discoverd with the addition of the new Paralyzing tip, you can shoot a lionfish, leave it on your ELF tool and shoot another! Yes, two lionfish at one time,,,, AMAZING We call them safaris and we had a blast, and did some real good, worked with a non profit eco group.too.

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