What do Cosumel and Eleuthera have in common?

LIONFISH INVASION. I just recently receive
d lionfish sitings from Cosumel Mexico and Eleuthera Bahamas.

Cosumel: Tim, from Louisiana, was able to kill 17 lionfish at Medio reef before the captain of the dive boat made him stop. From what I understand, the government of Mexico frowns on the killing of lionfish.

John, from North Carolina (up in the hills), was on vacation in the south end of Eleuthera. He was diving a reef at about 45 ft down and noticed hundreds around this one reef head. He caught a lobster, discarded the head, and within minutes he noticed around 60 lionfish hovering around the head. The lionfish had already depleted the juvenile fish around the reef and were ready to devour anything else.

These stories prove to me that the lionfish problem is already out of control. I can not believe we are not taking greater action to eradicate this fish. PLEASE promote the killing and eating of lionfish.

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Diveamerica said...


Today I saw 4 lionfish while I was freediving in Sandy Beach Roatan Honduras and it was in 30 minutes...