Amateur kills lionfish

The confidence I have in my abilities to spearfish are negligible. This is based on my previous spearing experiences. Although I’ve definitely enjoyed my attempts they were nothing short of hilariously pathetic. Anyhow, recently I have been on a few Lionfish hunting excursions where I have seen these fish hover in the water, unmoving all but their twirling spines. I watched my friends spear lionfish like they where plucking flowers from a back yard. After a few outings I came to the conclusion that my ‘negligible’ spearing skills were more than adequate to kill lionfish. So with confidence I put myself out there and it wasn’t long before I encountered four lionfish hovering underneath a rock, their usual habitat of dwelling. With the greatest of ease I dove down, pulled back on the spear and pow; my spear got stuck into the rock beside the Lionfish while the it remained 'unmoved' by the event. I could swear this fish looked like it was laughing at me. It surely could only be mocking my poor spearing abilities by not even budging a fraction. So anyway, five shots and fifteen minutes later, who was the one with the final laugh? Me baby! All the while the Lionfish stayed in the same spot. Hmmm… final conclusiong, if I can do it i'm sure anyone can!     

by: Amanda from Current Eleuthera Bahamas

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The Adventures of Sister TeLesha Fricke said...

Do you guys know if there are any regulations about spearing lion fish in Viaques purto rico I am a coyoty hunter from island going on vacations would like to spear fish trying to find imformation.

Thank You
Ken Fricke