lionfish natural predators

Up until recently not too much has been known about lionfish predators except from a small article about a cornet fish,  recent findings in the Bahamas ( a nassau and tiger grouper), and the video of the the humpback scorpionfish  devouring an adult lionfish (found on this blog). Maybe we should look past the open ocean for our findings. Maybe the aquarium trade, that started this mess, might also have some answers. The following facts are taken from a marine aquarist's site ( http://cache.search.yahoo.net/search/cache?ei=UTF-8&p=lionfish+spine&fr=yfp-t-501&u=www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-11/fm/feature/index.php&w=lionfish+%22lion+fish%22+spine&d=b9HYpRg5RPYb&icp=1&.intl=us ) :
 "Even though lionfish are venomous, lionfish are not immune to being harassed or even eaten by other fish. Large eels, frogfish and other scorpion fish are all predators of lionfish in the wild. According to Michaels (1998), large angelfish, pufferfish, and triggerfish are also known to harass lionfish. Triggerfish are notorious for nipping off the dorsal spines before killing lionfish. However, I have found the planktonic feeding triggers (Blue cheek, Pink-tailed, Niger) to behave more predictable towards lionfish."
When I get back to the Bahamas I will injure a lionfish and throw him in the midst of some feeding grey trigger fish and let you know what happened! 
Thanks again to Amanda from Current for this article.


PJ said...

Article on invasion of lionfish in Exuma

turkish diver said...

We are currently in the Caribbean on curacao island hunting lionfish. We have only been able to feed dead lionfish to multiple species of eels. The eels take the lionfish whole head first off the spear. Does anyone know if this harms the eels? Also does anyone know what else we can feed the lionfish to and get the Caribbean fish species interested in eating lionfish?

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Sage Adams said...

Capture large eel, feed them lion fish. Teach them it's food then se if they die.

Anonymous said...

Not long ago, a commercial fisherman told me that while Amberjack fishing off shore Canaveral, one of the jack spit up two lion fish while laying on the deck.

A few years ago I saw very few, and killed all I saw. Last week while diving the same area off Sebastian Inlet in 90' there were hundreds. They are here to stay, and I say spear all you can, eat all you spear as they are delicious.