Eleuthera bags second largest lionfish in the Bahamas!

David from the Current Lionfish Brigade, speared the second largest lionfish ever caught in Bahamian waters, according to Lad Akins of the REEF organization. The fish was around 15" long and had plenty of meat on him. Meanwhile, Trish (also a member of the Current Lionfish Brigade) is busy putting together a lionfish recipe calender. We are all looking forward to seeing that!
By the way, a new lionfish hunting crew is forming out of central Florida calling themselves "Space Coast Slayers". They are planning a trip to Eleuthera at the end of August with a mission to "...slay more lionfish than anyone." I think they are going to break some records on this trip. Dani, the chef of the group will be creating delicious recipies which she plans on sharing with us. They have an underwater camera and will be documenting their hunts for the lionfishhunter.com web site. The Space Coast Slayers also send out a friendly challenge to other lionfish hunting groups. Any takers? Current Lionfish Brigade?


Anonymous said...

Mo,great job on your web site,Lad is planning on a tagging trip next week.Anyone wishing to help out let us know.
David and Trish

PJ said...

The folks down at Island School near Cape Eleuthera may be interested in what you're doing.

Island School Research

pj / Eleuthera

PJ said...

Hey Mo

If you're interested, we might be able to do a news article on your efforts and post it on my Eleuthera website. Give me a shout via my home page if so.

Perry Joseph

Anonymous said...

Split Reef on 8/23/08 found 13+ lion fish with a new record for the Bahamas 429 M.L./15.7/8".Some of the biggest lionfish I have seen to date.

David and Trish Fersuson said...

Going out to do more tagging today

Codeine and Hennesey said...

Alex Holden and I have killed upwards or 20 or 30 fish off Love Beach, no more than 150yds offshore. This was at least six months ago, and they were showing no signs of thinning.

Mark said...

i am currently on Andros Island here in the Bahamas as the head of Marine Science staff with a volunteer organization. i have been eating lionfish since june when i was showed how to prepare them by a guy from the Bahamas dept of marine resources and fisheries at crabfest. we batter them and fry them up as small nuggets for appetizers or eat two whole fillets for a good dinner. i gave a presentation on the AUTEC naval base here to encourage the people to eat these invasive fish. i have taught as many of the local fisherman to prepare them as i can too. 15" is MASSIVE nice work.

bathmate said...

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Anonymous said...

My buddies and I are attending Medical School on Bonaire NA and we have become involved with the marine park here. We are trying to thin out the population down here but are not allowed to use spear guns. We have been given permission to use modified Hawaiian slings but with little success. Does anyone have advice that would help us out down here?

Anonymous said...

Lionfish have hit Vieques big time. I hadn't been to Vieques in 3 or 4 years, on Monday 24 Jan 2011 we got in the water just west on Navy pier, on the rocks next to the pier only 50 yards from the beach we saw 2 hiding in the rocks. Later that day we went to Green Beach and saw 4 more.

Federico Martin said...

Hi, great blog, good stuff.
Just a question, I am planning to get some lionfish, and then eat them, somebody told me about ciguatera, but then again was difficult to get good info about it. Do you have any info or reco for the matter?
Thanks a lot. From Andros island.